Heather Miller

Heather comes from Native American and Swedish background. The Swedish background comes from her maternal great-grandparents, leaving her Native American side from her paternal side. 

Throughout her childhood, Heather recalls celebrating the Swedish holidays with her mother. One of the things she remembers best is her mother’s Swedish Christmas cookies. Activities such as these helped Heather feel very connected to her Swedish heritage as a child. Her mother had influenced partaking in Swedish traditions, whereas now that she’s older, Heather feels more connected with her Native American heritage. As she has grown up, she does not celebrate the same Swedish traditions to the extent that she had as a child. 

A television show that Heather has enjoyed watching was called Welcome to Sweden, which aired between 2014 and 2015. This show was used as something to educate her on the Swedish culture and lifestyle, which gave insight to her mother’s family.

As a person of Native American heritage, she looks to Deb Haaland, the current Secretary of the Interior. Haaland is a Native American woman in one of the nation’s highest offices, which is why Heather considers her a huge inspiration. 

Heather’s sister has kept in touch with her Swedish heritage as well, so the traditions are still in the family.  Heather knows so much about her Native American culture, although she wishes she had as much information about Swedish Culture.


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