Jessica is a Swedish-born dentist, health coach, and health advocate helping everyone understand the mouth-body connection as the entry point to wellbeing. She created The Lagom Method™ as a guide for balanced living that shows how our oral health impacts our systemic health, and the early signs of imbalance that our mouth reveals. Fortunately, the solutions are simple habits that you can start implementing today. Her book shares insights into the oral-systemic connection, and provides actionable steps. Jessica’s work has been shaped by her accomplishments as a dentist, former pro golfer, and serial entrepreneur, including founding TEDxChicago. Jessica and her husband Mats moved from Stockholm to Chicago in 1999. They now reside in Chicago near their four children and many grandchildren.

Book Talk with Jessica Lederhausen: "Oral: The Swedish-Inspired Secret to  Full Body Health Starting in Your Mouth"
Wednesday, February 14, 2024 03:00 pm
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