Dagfrid Viking Girl: No More Ear Buns!


Book cover with title and graphic of a viking girl with long blonde braids, holding her hair and scowling in front of a Viking ship.
Dagfrid Viking Girl: No More Ear Buns!


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Softcover children's fiction by Agnès Mathieu-Daudé. Book 1 in the very funny new series, Dagfrid Viking Girl! Many things bother Dagfrid. Her name, for starters. And life as a viking girl isn’t exactly a piece of cake: you have rolled-up braids, like buns, on your ears, you wear dresses that are too long to run with, and you dry fish. In fact, fish is all you eat, even when you’re not a girl. But girls, they can’t even navigate and go explore America. Well, until now. Because Dagfrid is really sick of dried fish.

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