The Swedish American Museum is a partner of the CityKey program. CityKey holders receive a 50% discount on Family Admission and a 10% discount in the Museum Gift Shop.

More Information

What is the CityKey?

A government-issued ID that also works as a libary card, transit card, and discount card for many organizations and events. The CityKey unlocks access to the many experiences Chicago offers. It was created to address the difficulties of obtaining government-issued identification.

Who can get a CityKey?

All Chicago residents regardless of age, insurance, income, health, or immigration status.

The Rx Card

The Rx Card is included in the program. The Rx card offers discounts on many medications and medical supplies. It is accepted at major chain and independent pharmacies and provides up to 80% savings on prescriptions.

How can I apply?

Visit and click on “Chicago CityKey” in the top menu for more information and application instructions.