Rules and Guidelines


Please make every effort to arrive on time. Tours who arrive late will only receive a partial tour; tours may not be extended due to a late arrival.

  • Tours of 20 or more must be divided into two groups.
  • Please divide into two equally sized groups before you arrive at the Museum.
  • A loading zone is available in the front of the Museum for bus loading and unloading. Buses may not park in the loading zone for the duration of the tour.
  • If weather permits, please leave coats on the bus.


If you must cancel a tour, call immediately. If you contact the Museum between 48-24 hours prior to the tour, you will be required to pay half of your anticipated tour fee. If you cancel within 24 hours of the reservation, you will be required to pay the entire anticipated tour fee.


You may pay for the tour either by cash, check or charge on the day of the tour. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please make checks payable to the Swedish American Museum. The cost is $3 per student. Chaperones and teachers are free until the maximum number of chaperones is reached.


We request one chaperone for every five students be provided for grades pre-K through four and a maximum of one for every ten students for grades five and up. There will be a $3 per person charge for the number of adults that exceed the maximum.


Although name tags are not required, we highly recommend them. They allow our educators to communicate much more effectively during the tour. Please write names large enough to be read.


If you would like to eat lunch at the Museum, please make arrangements before your visit. To avoid confusion please label lunches with each student’s name. Students may picnic in our classroom and common areas. The classroom seats about 35 people. Remaining students can eat lunch on the benches in the hallway. Sweden is one of the few countries in the world with “right of common access”. This means that people may picnic, camp, hike, or swim wherever they choose, as they long as they leave each place as they found it. We please ask the same of your students. Cleaner, towels, and a broom will be provided. We do not sell beverages or have a vending machine at the Museum


Children may visit the Museum Store at the end of their tour. Please let us know when booking your group if your students will be visiting the store.

  • We ask that no more than five children visit the store at one time.
  • Small purchase items such as stickers, candles, candy and postcards may be purchased for between $1.00 and $3.00.


If your group needs to use the washroom facilities before their tour begins please let the tour director know as soon as you arrive. Washrooms and drinking fountains are located on the first and third floors of the Museum. Only the third floor washrooms can accommodate large groups.


  • Students may not leave the group at any time without being accompanied by a chaperone.
  • There is no running or jumping allowed inside the Museum.
  • Please use “inside voices” so as not to disrupt other visitors.
  • If you have a question during the tour, please raise your hand.
  • Candy, gum, beverages and food are strictly not permitted inside the Museum’s exhibits.
  • Please follow directions and suggestions from the Museum staff.
  • Laugh, have fun, ask lots of questions and be sure to play along!


The Museum’s permanent exhibit, Dream of America:: Swedish Immigration to Chicago,contains very old and fragile artifacts. If your reservation includes a guided tour of our permanent exhibit, please read the following:

  • Please explain to your students that we are a small museum and our artifacts are not behind ropes or inside glass cases.
  • Please ask them to refrain from touching artifacts, leaning on walls and trunks, or sitting on chairs.
  • Although tempting because they are so close, touching artifacts will speed up the process of deterioration and increase chances of breakage.


  • We ask that chaperones and teachers refrain from visiting with each other or talking on the phone when the Educators are speaking to the students.
  • Please assist the Museum Educators when there are behavior or noise issues.
  • Please allow the children time to answer the questions, even though it is sometimes tempting to answer for your students. It is also helpful when teachers give clues to children by reminding them of recent readings, assignments, class discussions, or prior knowledge.
  • We ask teachers to refrain from pointing out or separating children with behavior problems during the tour unless absolutely necessary. We find that many children who may have discipline issues in the classroom do very well during the tours due to the hands-on activities.
  • Please ask the Educators for an appropriate time to take group or staged photos.
  • We encourage teachers and chaperones to get involved in our tours by dressing up, playing along and asking questions!

    The Swedish American Museum is a not-for-profit organization and all programs are supported by donations from individuals, corporations and foundations. We appreciate your support.

    The Swedish American Museum is not responsible for any personal injury or loss/theft of property.