Swedish Dishcloth




Originally invented in 1949 by a Swedish engineer, Swedish Dishcloths have become a sustainable staple in every Scandinavian kitchen. Made from biodegradable cellulose and cotton, these are a perfect substitute for smelly sponges and wasteful paper products.

  • One dishcloth replaces 17 rolls of paper towels!
  • Dries fast so doesn’t collect bacteria as quickly as the common sponge.
  • Can be cleaned up to 200 times in a washing machine or top rack of the dish-washer.

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1- Route 66, 2- Dandelion, 3- Swedish Houses, 4- Red Dala Horse, 5- Blue Heart, 6- Blue Birds, 7- Rose Hips, 8- Fox in the Forest, 9- Turquoise Feathers, 10-Sailboat Blue, 11- Blue and Red Dala Horses, 12- Illinois Word Map, 13- Pink Moose, 14- Violet Heart, 15- Blue Moose, 16- Bee, 17-Red Stripes, 18- Dachshunds, 19- Flowers, 20- Ducks in the Rain, 21- Carrots, Beets Radishes, 22- Red House, 23- Pears, 24- Lemon Peel Green, 25- Lily of the Valley Green, 26- Hard Boiled Eggs, 27-Lingonberries, 28- Goldfish Yellow, 29- Tulip Drying Mat


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