Bits and Pieces of Word Jazz – Ken Nordine


…from the quirky frontal lobes of Ken Nordine

Audio CD, August 20 2014, Label CD Baby

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  1. Tick Tock Talk
  2. To His Coy Mistress
  3. Credit Card Blues
  4. Collecting My Thoughts
  5. So Beautiful
  6. Gee
  7. So Many Things
  8. A Cage Went in Search of a Bird
  9. No News is Good News Blues
  10. Tiger Tiger
  11. Tree of Knowledge
  12. The Ish Fish
  13. Moments with Father Time
  14. Gee, Gosh and Golly
  15. Spiders
  16. Funny Kind of Blues
  17. What’s There to Do Without You

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