There are a number of different areas of the Museum where interns are welcome. Below we post when we are looking for specific interns, but we welcome applications all through the year and are often able to create an internship position if we get an application.

“I was a marketing intern at the Swedish American Museum, and my time with the organization definitely exceeded my expectations. Besides getting to be part of an amazing team, I got to try out a variety of both administrative and practical tasks. Something that I really liked about my internship, is that all instructions given were enough to create a clear sense of guidance, but still leaving room for me to be creative and accountable for my own work. Most importantly, being with the Museum made me understand the importance of cultural organizations, and the hard work behind keeping them alive.”
–Saga Sjöberg,

Interns are always welcome!
Please fill out the application below and a staff member will contact you shortly: