Got Glögg?

Glögg, mulled wine, is a vital part of the Christmas season for Swedes. Join us for this competition to see who really has the best glögg in Chicago.

If you are interested in competing in this year’s glögg contest please fill out the form below.

Please bring a minimum of 4 liters (one gallon) of your pre-made glögg from home in a thermos or crockpot. With last year’s sell-out crowd some competitors brought closer to two gallons to ensure they had enough—but bringing extra is up to the individual competitor. There will be limited stove availability to rewarm your entry. Arrive at the Museum one hour before the start of the contest to ensure ample time for set up and rewarming (if needed). Serving cups and ladles will be provided by the Museum.

During the taste contest, glögg will be scored based on taste, color, aroma and overall quality. Participants/judges will go around with a card to rank each glögg on these four areas. The cards will be collected and non-partial judges will tally the results to determine the winner.

We will accept ten applicants, based on date of entry and completed information.