The Museum has created some fun and educational resources for children.
On this page you can find crafts that are related to specific days.
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Alphabet crafts










Creating a story





Marking poetry




Midsummer Crafts

 The Museum Store is selling these awesome craft kits for children. Each kit comes with a midsummer pole, necklace and flower crown craft inside a reusable box. The box is $5 and the money goes to support the Museum during the closing due to the Corona virus. The link to the order form can be found here.

Thank you for your support!





Walpurgis Night Crafts

I don’t know about you, but craft materials can be hard to come by these days. It’s difficult to get what you need quickly when stores are so limited. This craft utilizes things you probably have at home already: glue, paper scraps, crayons and sticks. You may have to go outside to find the sticks, of course! Follow the directions from this post from the Fumbling Through Homeschool Blog and create an adorable, kid safe campfire!





This craft also uses materials you can probably find at home, with the exception of paint. If you don’t have paint, you can use tissue paper (or even color coffee filters with markers). This craft comes from The Crazy Outdoor Mama Blog.



May Flowers


Plantable Seed Paper
This activity combines science, art and gardening! Kids will use recyclable materials and seeds to create wildflower seed paper that can then be planted. This project comes from the Green Kid Crafts blog.



Hand print Sunflowers
These hand print sunflowers will be sure to brighten up your home! You can also do these without paint. Either trace hands on yellow construction paper and cut out, or use blank paper and color the hand prints yellow (or whatever color your want your flowers to be! This craft comes to you from the blog Crafty Mama in Me.