Middle East Bakery

Middle East Bakery has been around for 40 years, but has been renewed and renovated the last years. The restaurant has been in Andersonville for almost 7 years. They chose Andersonville because they liked the neighborhood. The shop and restaurant are a family business. The owner’s name is Hisam and he says that he loves and appreciates Andersonville as well as all of his customers. Furthermore, he explains that the customers are his friends. Hisam’s favorite things to do in Andersonville are going for walks, eating at restaurants and hanging out.

Middle East Bakery is very popular in Andersonville.

Hisam appreciates people that run businesses and appreciates the diversity of different businesses in Andersonville. Hisam explains that the food at the Middle East Bakery is very authentic and made from scratch. According to Hisam, they use ingredients of high quality. Furthermore, he explains that most products and ingredients are imported from Europe and the Middle East. Hisam says that they always buy the best they can get, as they want their customers to get the best ingredients and a tremendous experience at Middle East Bakery.

Middle East Bakery is among many things known for its delicious hummus. They have many different kinds of hummus which is appreciated by the customers...
And they have many different kinds of spices as well!

The bakery is also known for serving delicious food at their restaurant, which is appreciated and loved by their customers. Some examples of the food the restaurant serves are shawarma, falafel, salads, chicken, wraps, fries as well as several vegan options. The restaurant values vegan ingredients and dishes, according to the owner.

The bakery is famous for its delicious and high quality food.
They also sell various kinds of pastries and sweets.

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