KOPI cafe

KOPI cafe is a very popular place in Andersonville. It is loved by many and people go there to eat delicious food, drink amazing coffee and spend quality time together in a cozy atmosphere. KOPI means coffee in Indonesian. There are many cozy places to be seated in at the cafe, such as cafe tables as well as Balinese cushions. Apart from food and drinks, there are also books, journals, note books, and games available to purchase. The owners are world travelers and love to travel and visit new places. Their interest is connected with the cafe which is also called “a traveler’s cafe”.

The popular cafe has been around for more than 30 years.

One of the two owners, which is also Eastern European apart from being American, explains that she used to live in Andersonville and felt like a cafe was needed in the neighborhood, which was 30 years ago. Furthermore, she says that Andersonville is a very unique community and that local businesses are highly supported. Additionally, entrepreneurs are encouraged and there is a unique mix of different businesses. What she likes most about Andersonville is the mix of people that live here. When she is in the neighborhood, she likes to visit and support local stores and restaurants.

The cafe serves delicious food and drinks, such as carrot cake…
As well as coffee and chai latte!

The owner’s favorite food is fresh veggies and she explains that in her free time, she enjoys traveling and going to other cafes and museums. Growing up, she wanted to be a traveler or artist and her favorite subjects in school were art and history.

KOPI cafe contributes to the amazing atmosphere in Andersonville and is a part of the diversity within the community. Drop by the cafe to eat, drink, read or talk. Or drop by to discover and explore a new place. You never know what it will give you.

Apart from offering food and drinks, books, journals, notebooks and games are also available to buy.

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