Måns Hultén

Måns lives in a town called Lerum, close to Gothenburg. Lerum has approximately 40 000 inhabitants. Måns describes his neighborhood as cozy, with a big lake called Aspen. Måns has a view of both the lake and the city and he describes it as a calm area. Additionally, Lerum has their own brand called Aspen. The company sells products such as T shirts, cups, hoodies and other things.

Måns says that his favorite tradition is Christmas, and he particularly likes Christmas markets. He explains that close to his university city, Jönköping, there is a small town called Gränna, which has very beautiful Christmas markets every year.

Gränna is famous for its popular candy sticks, which could be put in the Christmas tree…
There is also a Christmas market on the island Visingsö in lake Vättern, where other candies and things can be bought.

The island Visingsö is known for its rich history. During the 12th and 13th century, Näs castle was the home for the Swedish monarchy. Four Swedish kings have died on the small island. The Swedish navy planted several oak trees to use as materials for ships during the 19th century. Apart from that, Visingsö has been an important location for the royal Brahe family. The count Per Brahe the younger built a castle at Visingsö as well as the castle Brahehus (see below). Västanå castle is another castle the family built and the castles are placed in a perfect triangle in the county. Västanå castle was built in 1590 and was the first castle hotel in Sweden, and was opened in 1948 to host guests. The Brahe family owned the biggest county at the time and was extremely powerful. They also founded the city Gränna which is famous for its candysticks and old buildings.

In the area there is an old ruin called Brahehus…
Where there is an amazing sunset view of lake Vättern and the island Visingsö.
A photo of Västanå slott, the first castle hotel in Sweden.
The interior of the castle, which was built in 1590.
A photo of one of the dining rooms in the castle.

Close by, there is an applefarm and restaurant which Måns occasionally visits. The farm is called “Rudenstams” and also has a shop, cafe and restaurant. There have been fruit plantations in the area since 1930. Since lake Vättern is very deep, it is heated slowly and therefore slows down spring as well as keeping the summer heat in the autumn before it cools off. Thus, the climate makes it a perfect area for farming and apple plantations.

The appelfarm “Rudenstams” which is famous for its fruits, lemonades, marmalade and food.
There are more than 15 different kinds of apples at the farm.
The farm is also famous for its healthy lunches.

A special family tradition that Måns and his family has is a golf tournament every year, called Hulténopen. He explains that the winner receives a price. Last year the tournament was in Halmstad, a popular summer city at the Swedish west coast. The cities vary from year to year.

Måns loves pets and he has two cats at home. Måns favorite word is “hallå eller” which is a dialectal way of saying “hey there”, common for the area of Gothenburg. He often uses the word and likes the way it sounds.

Måns with one of his cats.

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