Sara Knowles

Sara lives in Jönköping, in the south of Sweden. She describes it as a vibrant town with a nice student life. She loves to be close to the big lake Vättern, and she loves running, walking and hanging out there with her friends.

A photo of the lake Vättern in Jönköping, which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Sweden and known for its clean and fresh water.

Sara is half British and she says that her biggest influence from her British heritage is her humor. She describes it as “banter” which is like an own way of joking with other people. Sara explains that if you have good banter, you are quick to jump on a joke and don’t mind making fun of yourself. Regarding her Swedish heritage, she likes sharing the stories about vikings with other people.

Sara’s biggest influence from her British heritage is her humor.

Sara’s favorite food is fika. The word fika also happens to be one of her favorite words, because she loves the concept and she loves sharing it with other people. The fika culture is a very unique and valued tradition in Sweden. When Sara tells other people that it is common to take two fika breaks every day, they are shocked. Furthermore, Sara says that a fika is a great way to chat with friends, coworkers or family. It is a nice way to bond with other people. She also has a sweet tooth and is called “The fika queen” by her friends. Her favorite pastry is cheescake.

A photo of a quote describing what fika is on Sara’s kitchen wall.

Apart from fika, Sara loves working out, going for walks and seeing her friends. Her favorite family tradition is during Christmas when Sara and her family travel to northern Sweden to their cabin. She enjoys the winter activities in the north of Sweden. To ski, drive the snow scooter, and really get a “Christmassy feeling”, are some of her favorite things to do. Furthermore, she explains that it is a nice contrast to southern Sweden. Additionally, Sara wants to recommend other people to travel to the north and south of Sweden and not only visit Stockholm when they are in the country. There are many interesting differences between the north and south of Sweden.

A photo from a wonderful Winter day during sunset in the north of Sweden close to Sara’s cabin.

Sara also wants to share the thought of equality in the Scandinavian way of living with other people. She enjoys sharing her thoughts on how the Scandinavian way of living is different to the American way of living. Paid parental leave as well as free health care and education are some of the best benefits, she explains. Sara explains that it is a hot topic for her to discuss, how the system could be implemented in the American system even though it’s probably not going to happen. Nevertheless, she loves to introduce it to other people to hear their opinions. Furthermore, it is very rare to have that kind of benefit in the rest of the world.

Sara loves doing sports, and she loves the snow during winter times.

In the future, Sara wishes for peace and the end of injustices. Personally, she hopes that she can get the opportunity to live in America and England again. She loves the two countries, and she did her exchange semester in Boston in America. What she likes about America is that everything is extra. Sara wouldn’t like to live in America forever though. She says that she stands by the Swedish national anthem, that she “wants to live and die in the north”. Sara claims that she takes pride in being Swedish, but that she would like to live in other countries. When it comes to England, she wants to live there again because she has family and relatives there. She speaks the language fluently and lived there until she was 14.

Growing up, as a little girl, Sara wanted to be a princess. She was born in the early 90’s and explains that they did not have many strong female athletes or female figures to look up to in the same way they have now. Growing up in England, which Sara describes as quite a conservative country, girls attending dance classes and playing with dolls was the norm. Sara says that as a little girl she loved Disney and dancing and also loved the royal family which contributed to her princess dream. However, she says that it was more of a wish than an actual dream. She says that it is not close to where she is today, yet when she was younger, that was her dream.

An adorable photo of little Sara dressed as a princess.

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