Sam Mauritz Badii

Sam lives in Stockholm in a small suburb called Skogås. He describes his neighborhood as very cozy with many forests and trees. There is a natural reserve close by as well as a lot of water and many hills. The neighborhood is not too far away from the archipelago in Stockholm. The archipelago is the biggest in Sweden, with more than 30 000 islands, and the second biggest in the area of the Baltic Sea.

The archipelago in Stockholm is appreciated by both locals and tourists. Popular activities include sailing, swimming and hiking.

Apart from being Swedish, Sam also has a Chilean and Iranian heritage. He has many family members all over the world. Sam speaks fluent Spanish and visits both Chile and Spain occasionally. His favorite family tradition is birthdays because he gets to spend time with his family and celebrate with them. Sam’s favorite holiday is Midsummer because it is celebrated in Sweden and not many other places, which makes it special according to Sam. He likes to celebrate together with his friends and points out that it is the longest day of the year, which also makes it feel extra special and fun.

Sam during a vacation in Spain.

Sam loves sharing the countries that his parents come from, Chile and Iran, which have very beautiful nature with lots of mountains and varying nature. Furthermore, Sam explains that there are certain traditions in Iran for example, which are more muslim traditions. For example for new years eve, they have a table served with seven dishes which begins with the letter s.

Regarding his Swedish heritage, Sam wants other people to know  that Sweden is a very beautiful country and also that there are people who are very nice. Although Swedes might be known for being a bit closed, they are very welcoming people, according to Sam. Additionally, there are many specific Swedish celebrations such as “fettisdagen” or “the cinnamon bun’s day” which he likes to celebrate.

Sam enjoys being in Swedish nature.

In his free time, Sam likes playing soccer. Growing up, his dream was to become a soccer player for the English soccer team Chelsea. That was also one of the reasons he started playing soccer. He lives for the sport and explains that when he is playing, he can disconnect from everything else. Soccer is more than only a sport to him.

Sam has been playing football since a really young age and describes that it is so much more than just a sport for him.

When he became older, he wanted to become a surgeon, like his father. However, now he has realized that he wants to work with health science or as a chemist, to do something useful for society. Sam studies to become a chemist and he wants to use his knowledge in a contributing and meaningful way.

A role model for Sam is someone who never gives up, someone striving for what they want is inspiring to Sam. He says it is difficult to name one person, therefore he says there could be many people.

Apart from playing and watching soccer, in his free time Sam likes listening to music and meeting his friends, especially the ones he hasn’t seen in a while. Furthermore, he likes exploring, discovering and traveling to new places.

A photo from one of Sam’s vacations in Spain.

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