Samuel Kjellqvist

Samuel lives in a small town in the countryside outside Lidköping, in the southwestern part of Sweden. He lives close to the biggest lake in the country, named Vänern. Samuel loves nature and prefers nature and smaller cities over big cities. Additionally, he loves doing activities in nature, such as sailing, skiing, canoeing, hiking and camping. Samuel loves the water and enjoys doing many sports.

A photo of Samuel canoeing at the biggest lake in Sweden on a wonderful and sunny summer day.

In addition, Samuel loves skiing. He wants other people to know about the outdoor culture in Sweden, as well as how equal and free Sweden is. He explains that all inhabitants in Sweden can enjoy the rights of free speech and independent thinking. Furthermore, Samuel wants other people to know that Sweden truly values solidarity, which could be seen in deeply implemented structures in the society, such as the welfare state, foreign aids, diplomatic projects and a willingness to help people in need.

A photo of Samuel making his own skis in wood.

One of Samuel’s favorite holidays is All Saints Day. The holiday is popular in Sweden and celebrated at the end of October to honor and remember the dead ones. He says that he feels thankful and he says that he appreciates feeling connected with his emotions. Furthermore, he says that he gets many insightful and valuable perspectives. Samuel also likes the Swedish holiday Advent, which occurs during the 4 Sundays before Christmas. Advent is celebrated to count down the days for Christmas. It is a cozy tradition which is celebrated by millions of Swedes every year. Samuel thinks it is a very cozy holiday, to get together with his family, go to church and light candles.

Samuel’s favorite meal is fried mackerel with melted butter and spinach. His grandfather taught him an amazing way to make it. He has a good relationship with his family and loves doing activities together with them. His biggest role models are his parents, because they have achieved many things and given him many things, including a great childhood and life.

Two of Samuel’s favorite things combined, being outdoors and cooking fish over a camping fire.

Samuel’s favorite TV show is the popular Swedish show called “Svensson Svensson”, which is about a stereotypical Swedish family. It is a parody and comedy show, which was first released in 1994. On every Christmas Eve, the show is played and watched by hundreds of thousands of Swedes.

The show also illustrates typical Swedish nature and culture, such as the popular skiing culture. Skiing is very popular in Sweden and there are many ski resorts, such as Sälen, Åre, Vemdalen and Idre. The Swedish ski season could last all the way from October to May, and many families usually go on trips during the winter break or spring break.

Samuel on a ski trip on a sunny and snowy winter day.

The Swedish nature is unique and famous. Some of the most popular trees are birch, pine, fir, oak and beech whereas some of the most popular flowers are roses, wind flowers, dandelions, daises and lupines. The Swedish nature and climate varies quite much from the north to the south.

A photo of typical Swedish nature.

Samuel tries to be outdoors as much as he can, and he enjoys the calmness, harmony and peace that nature brings. Sweden is famous for a unique concept called “freedom to roam” or “right of public access”. That includes the free rights of walking, camping, cycling, picking berries and visiting any land, with exceptions for gardens, houses and areas of cultivation. Therefore, it is very popular and appreciated for Swedes to go on trips to different forests and lands, during the holidays or weekends.

“The right of public access” is a unique phenomenon in Sweden.

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