Jonathan Jorns

Jonathan lives in the city of Jönköping, in the south of Sweden. The city is surrounded by lakes and is located at the south end of the second biggest lake in Sweden. Jonathan loves walking around in the city, especially close to the lakes.

Vättern is the second biggest lake in Sweden.

Jönköping is also famous for hosting the enormous gaming and esportevent “Dreamhack”, which occurs every winter and summer. It is mentioned in the Guinness World Records book and has tens of thousands of visitors every time. Jonathan has attended several times, as he likes esports. He has also been both the president and the vice president for the Student Esport Association called “Justice” in Jönköping.

Jonathan at Dreamhack, one of the world’s biggest esport festivals.

Jonathan lives in a neighborhood with many family houses and a few apartment buildings. The area is very calm and close to nature and the forest. He wants other people to know about the calming Swedish nature as well as what he describes as the “great focus on work balance”. In addition, Jonathan wants other people to know that Sweden is very equal in many ways, in areas such as gender and class.

A photo from Jonathan’s apartment.

Close to Jönköping, there are many beautiful areas, which are perfect for a roadtrip, such as the old castle Brahehus and an old hotel called “Gyllene Uttern” is perfect for a fika break. Jonathan loves going on roadtrips and explains that he loves to discover and explore new areas. Furthermore, he is really interested in history.

A view from Brahehus during winter.
The interior of the hotel “Gyllene Uttern”…
Which is also full of delightful paintings of the surrounding areas.

Jonathan’s favorite movie is Avatar. It spreads the message of taking care of the environment and sustainability, which he is very passionate about. The movie is not about characters, it is about the story, the issue and the moral. The world is pure and then humans come and make a mess out of it. Jonathan says that his favorite character is the planet, and he describes it as beautiful and stunning.

Jonathan’s favorite movie could also be connected with his hope for the future, which is to collectively save the planet and fight climate change. Jonathan is passionate about helping both the planet and people, and growing up, he wanted to work with animals. However, now his dream is to work with public speaking, because that is something he is very passionate about and he loves influencing and helping people.

A photo of Jonathan’s beloved cat Lycka (Lycka means happiness in Swedish).

Jonathan is from Germany, but he has lived a long time in Sweden. Jonathan says that he is not Swedish by origin but that a part of his identity and heart are Swedish. His parents now live in a German city called Kiel. During Christmas, he is reunited with his parents and siblings and that is one of the reasons why Christmas is one of his favorite traditions. Ever since he moved to Sweden, Christmas is the time of the year which he looks forward to, because he gets to meet his entire family again.

Christmas is Jonathan’s favorite tradition because he meets his whole family.

During Christmas, Jonathan and his family often take time to open their presents. Since they live in the north of Europe, they open their Christmas presents on Christmas eve. Additionally, they spend time together and do activities such as playing board games and watching movies. Apart from that, they also eat, drink and enjoy their time with each other. Jonathan explains that they eat something called “Raclette”, which is a German tradition.

A photo of the German traditional dish called “Raclette”.

Jonathan’s biggest inspiration is the German comedian Otto Walkes. He is in his late 70’s and has been around for a long time. Walkes is very unique in his humor style, which is inspiring to Jonathan. He has a very goofy style and is able to transition that in an amazing and genuine way. Jonathan claims that Walkes is being himself and embracing that and it makes him really successful. According to Jonathan, Walkes is the most successful German comedian ever. Finding something that is based on you and your personality and passion and to be able to do that for a living is very inspiring to Jonathan. He says that he also strives to achieve that.

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