Hilda Rundquist

Hilda lives in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. In her neighborhood there are many beautiful apartments and she describes it as a nice area. Stockholm is located at the Baltic Sea archipelago and is placed on 14 different islands. One of Europe’s best well kept medieval cities is located in Stockholm. The old town in Stockholm dates back until the year of 1252 and is a popular place to visit. Additionally, Stockholm has many great museums, shops and restaurants to offer.

Typical apartments in the city center in Sweden’s beautiful capital Stockholm.

Hilda also lives close to nature and she says that she loves how close it is to the water. Stockholm is surrounded by water and has more than 50 bridges, which is the reason it is sometimes called “Venice of the North”.

Stockholm by night.

Hilda’s favorite food is tacos, because she says that you can mix it however you want and that you can customize it after your preference. She says that you can never get tired of tacos because you can have so many different combinations. Additionally, Hilda associates it with Fridays and weekends which makes it extra delicious.

A photo of Hilda in a typical French food market.

Hilda loves sharing differences and similarities about her culture and other cultures, as she says that she can learn so many new things and gain new perspectives. During her exchange in France, she experienced many interesting encounters with people from other cultures and she learned that people from other cultures than hers are different yet also extremely similar in many ways. Hilda explains that it is interesting that people with different cultures could have different traditions and ideas but similar thoughts, feelings and behaviors anyway. On top of that, she loves sharing meatballs and snow with other people, and she loves to see the fascination it brings to people from other cultures. In addition, Hilda loves telling people how much Sweden varies from the north to the south.

A French lunch during Hilda’s exchange in France.

Hilda’s favorite family tradition is when her whole family on her dad’s side are playing floorball, during Christmas Day.  Hilda enjoys it because they all meet, spend time with each other and have fun together. On top of that, a fika break is always included. The host family for the family tradition varies for each year. During the family traditions, there is a potluck where everyone brings food and shares with each other. Games are also included, as well as quizzes and teamsports. Hilda likes the tradition because it is a special moment for everyone. Everyone enjoys and prioritizes the tradition. The fact that it is also a bit odd makes it more fun, because it is not something everyone else does, according to Hilda.

Having “fika breaks” are really common in Sweden and Hilda loves sharing fika breaks during family traditions as well as with her friends.

For the future, Hilda wishes to accomplish her goals. She says that she wants to enjoy life to its fullest, discover new places and learn new things. Her exchange in France last year made her feel that even more. In addition, she wants to do fun things in her ordinary life. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean to travel around the world. Instead, it could be to discover new cafes, roads or parks in her neighborhood.

When she was a child, Hilda wanted to become a singer. However when she got older, her dream was to become a journalist. Hilda is now studying to become one and is almost done. She has gained great experience and loves doing it. Since Hilda is curious, and eager to learn new things, it is natural that she is drawn to the profession.

A photo of Hilda interviewing some people.

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