New in the Kerstin Andersson Museum Store

storeComing this spring to the Kerstin Andersson Museum Store is a product that will make pet lovers howl. Happy
Pet Project Ceramic Food and Water Bowls, from Magisso, are ceramic bowls designed especially for your
dogs’ and cats’ dining pleasure and health. Self-cooling ceramic pet bowls will keep pet food and water cool for hours, keeping food fresh without the need of a refrigerator, even on a warm day. All you have to do is run the bowl under cold water for 60 seconds.

The neat thing about terracotta is that, when wet, it creates its own refrigeration using a system of heat exchange. The unglazed, porous terracotta surface absorbs the water and sends it back to the outer surface. When the water makes contact with the air, evaporation occurs and, as the liquid water turns to gas, the reaction cools the object and whatever is inside. This process goes on for hours with only a 60-second initial contact with water. You cannot see the science, but you can see the design, and these are ingenious and stylish bowls. The exterior, matte, terracotta colors come in black and soft pink and blue. Inside, each bowl is glazed in a glossy cream surface safe for food.

In addition to plain bowls, the series also includes the Happy Pet Project Slow Dining Bowls. These bowls have all of the same features as the original bowls but have an added three-dimensional shape rising from the bottom of the bowl. Dog bowls, large and small, feature bones and cat bowls, fish. Veterinarians praise the Slow Dining Bowls for helping pets with overeating issues by preventing the ability to gulp food. This aids in chewing and is ultimately good for dental hygiene. Even if you do not have a pet, think about getting one to set outside for the hot and thirsty pets in your neighborhood.

– Melissa Weems, Store Manager