Meet the Interns: Britney Scott and Maria Marszalek


Britney Scott

This spring the Museum has hosted two interns: Britney Scott, a freshman marketing major at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Maria Marszalek, a senior psychology major at Northeastern Illinois University.

Britney has worked primarily in support of the Museum’s marketing efforts. She has contributed to marketing committee meetings, created posters and flyers, promoted events online and learned about using InDesign, among other things. She has also shadowed other members of staff to give her a broader idea about Museum operations and activities.

When asked what made her choose the Swedish American Museum for her internship Britney said, “I wanted to intern at a non-profit organization to expand on my past business experiences and expose myself to how a non-profit operates. Because I study Swedish in my spare time and have developed an interest in Swedish culture, the Museum stood out as a natural choice to both satisfy my personal interest and develop skills that will be relevant to my career path in marketing.”

Maria Marszalek

Maria Marszalek

Maria has been working at the Brunk Children’s Museum of Immigration, where she has been creating parts of the program for this year’s Pioneer the World Day Camp. It has been a positive experience for Maria to see firsthand how interactive and culturally-rich the Brunk Children’s Museum is and learning more about the importance of those two factors in child development

At the Swedish American Museum Maria has enjoyed “being able to relate my own culture and immigration history to the one of the Swedish people. My family and I are immigrants from Poland and can relate to many of the struggles our Swedish and Polish ancestors faced.”

On what her Museum experience has taught her Maria said, “One thing that I will take away from my internship is the importance of preserving culture, history and being able to share that within the community. With Chicago being such a diverse city it is so important to share where you came from and be proud of the path our ancestors paved for us.”

The Museum offers internship opportunities year-round in a variety of fields from curatorial internships to those focused on education, marketing or development. The benefit of interning in a mid-sized museum such as the Swedish American Museum is that interns receive exposure to multiple areas and are often given the chance to create small projects all their own.

– Lesli Proffitt Nordstrom, Marketing Manager